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Lady Alchemy, a performer in NYC wants to find meaning & purpose in her life. After an altercation in a dark alley where mysterious men forcefully take her blood sample, Lady Alchemy goes to the New York Public Library. She hopes to find out more about what the men said to her. here she meets an old man named William who helps her to understand other forces going on in the world, & why people are so interested in her bloodline. He gives her an book called the Mutus Liber, “the silent book”, which is a Hermetic, illustrated philosophical book on alchemy. It may have the answers to her questions. After studying the book, Lady Alchemy learns to harness her powers & summon angels & demons, which just further attracts the attention of the men who took her blood. The mysterious characters work on behalf of the global elite, and try to get Lady Alchemy to join forces with them. Lady Alchemy has a choice to make - join the forces of the elites, or go her own way.

Lady Alchemy - Mutus Liber Comic Book

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